Data Science Salon Podcast

Marcello La Rocca on Algorithms and Data Structures

Episode Summary

The term "algorithms" has several meanings, from machine learning models to tools of Wall St traders. Then there's the classic computer science definition: a set of instructions for solving problems. Think "simulated annealing," "evolutionary computing," or "LRU cache." These are the sort of algorithms we'll explore today.

Episode Notes

Q McCallum (Senior Content Advisor at Formulatedby, the company behind Data Science Salon) met up with Marcello La Rocca, someone who compiled his extensive knowledge of algorithms into a rather hefty book on the topic.  In this episode, the author of Algorithms and Data Structures in Action talks about the study of algorithms, why they're useful, and how he's applied them to oversized datasets.  Marcello closes out with his thoughts on (sometimes, not) using algorithms in tech job interviews.