Data Science Salon Podcast

Data Monetization Strategies with Micheline Casey

Episode Summary

The idea of turning data into money has been a draw since the early days of the term "Big Data." As many companies have learned, sometimes the hard way, this isn't always easy and it's hardly guaranteed to work. That's where today's guest comes in. For this episode, Formulatedby's Senior Content Advisor Q McCallum sat down with Micheline Casey to explore the what, why, and how of a company monetizing its data. There are a lot of matters to consider, ranging from technology to policy to business model, and she's seen them all.

Episode Notes

Micheline has more than twenty years' experience at the intersection of data and money, and has been a Chief Data Officer (CDO) with 3 different organizations, leading and scaling data strategy, infrastructure, and platforms. She also led data commercialization efforts at Ford.  Her career includes early data brokers, automotive and logistics companies, financial services and insurance, health care, and energy.  Oh, and then there was that stint as the CDO of the Federal Reserve.  She's a real powerhouse in the data field and we're very happy that she was able to join us.