Data Science Salon Podcast

Context Matters: Generative AI, the spectrum of worldviews, and understanding propaganda's appeal

Episode Summary

Ben Dubow of Omelas joins us to talk about data in context, NLP/NER at scale, and the impact of generative AI on democracy + authoritarianism.

Episode Notes

Ben Dubow studied the Middle East during his undergrad and took a job tracking terrorist groups.  After a brief stint at a large tech company, he launched Omelas, a company that combines AI and subject matter expertise to deliver intelligence to national security professionals.In today's episode, our Senior Content Advisor Q McCallum caught up with Ben to learn more about what Omelas is up to and how the company applies AI and data analysis to its mission.Along the way they explore the value of data in context; why it's important to ask the right questions of the right data, and not just the whole pool; the power of involving humans in the data pipeline; and what it takes to do NLP and NER at scale.  The two also talk about the impact of generative AI on democracy and authoritarianism.  A topic which, interestingly enough, holds lessons for corporations that plan to release AI chatbots.Links mentioned in this episode: